Home Remodeling Magic With Partial Walls: Less Is More - Much More Than You Think!

Posted on: 9 October 2017

Of all the home remodeling projects you could choose to dig into, few offer as many possible benefits as partial, or partition, walls without the major hassle or expense. Maybe you haven't given much thought to how these short walls could add new life and function to your home, but you really should, all things considered. Most major projects involve a lot of time, money and temporary calamity around the house, yet for all they can provide, partial walls are relatively quick and painless. Especially if you don't have the space to expand your home, remodeling with partial walls offers a clever and versatile alternative.

Here's just a sample of how having partial walls installed by a remodeling contractor can help transform a room or two in your house into something totally different and highly useful:

1. Create A Separate Dining Area For Cozy Meals Or Partitioned Parties

If your kitchen area simply extends outward, leaving you a place to put the table and chairs, you don't quite have the experience of a real dining room. A half-wall, sometimes referred to as a pony wall, will distinguish the prep and cleaning area from where your family sits down to enjoy meals. Having that divider means cozier eating or even a romantic setting, depending on how you choose to decorate. It can also keep guests gathered together more closely when you entertain, as opposed to having them roaming through your kitchen. If you love decorating, the partition draws a line between rooms, giving you a second palette on which to portray your style.

2. Turn A Cramped Kids' Bedroom Into Something More Manageable

Having more than one child in a single bedroom can cause all kinds of issues in the household, from arguments to late night chats and more; however, a partial wall between the sleeping areas designates a side for each child to establish their own belongings and sleeping patterns. A room divider might seem effective in theory, but if your kids are like most, they're probably going to knock a divider over on numerous occasions, whereas a permanent wall stays in place. Each child can adorn their respective side with their preferred tastes in art or posters and, for the most part, will then have their own rooms.

3. Give Your Home Office A Little More Privacy

For any area of the home you and other adults use for business, for example a desk in the living room, getting anything done can be challenging, particularly if there's a lot going on in the rest of the room. Measure an area you deem sufficient for your working purposes and imagine it walled off with a few solid partitions and you're likely to see yourself working far more productively. If you can find yourself a corner (of a room), all the better, as one partition almost gives you the complete advantage of a fully-enclosed space.

4. Build An Artistic Centerpiece For Any Room

A partition wall can give you more wall space or, if you prefer, bookcases. This type of structure added to any room can effortlessly be turned into a showcase for every masterpiece in your home, from paintings to antique china. Think about one side being a large bookcase, perhaps in the living room, and the other being a display wall, adjacent to the kitchen or hallway. Suddenly, a gallery-quality exhibit area emerges in an otherwise empty and unused space. That's really remodeling with purpose.

5. Forge A Functional Partition You Can Really Put To Good Use

Most especially in your kitchen, you may be deprived of shelving and storage capacity, leaving your counter tops crowded with tools and appliances. Have a partial wall put up and you're going to gain a significant amount of storage and utility space where you can neatly organize everything from the busy blender to the rarely used gadgets that slice and dice. You could add wallpaper or other matching decor to the functional partition, creating a look that's something out of the pages of your favorite home magazine or website.

Small projects can yield big changes when it comes to remodeling around your home and with all the possibilities offered by partial walls, you're probably going to want more than just one. They're faster to put up, involve less materials and you won't have to worry about extending your heating or cooling system to an enclosed room, while still reaping the benefits of a separate area. Just think of all the amazing changes you could make, then call a remodeling contractor from companies like AA Painting to get the magical metamorphosis started.