3 Do It Yourself Window Maintenance Tips

Posted on: 13 October 2017

If you own your home, it's likely that you make maintenance around the house a regular part of your routine. That said, one area of the house that can sometimes be overlooked when it's cleaning time is your windows. If you want to avoid having to call a window replacement professional for years to come, you will want to give your windows a regular cleaning routine. Here are three do-it-yourself tips to help keep your windows in top shape.

Be Careful About How You Scrub Down

While you are obviously going to have to wipe down your windows during your cleaning session, it's important to understand that not all windows are the same and that you might want to use just any chemical you find around the house. Wooden windows should wiped down with a damp cloth but should not be soaked in water. This could encourage the wood to begin rotting due to the excessive moisture. If you have aluminum or vinyl windows, you can use a bit more water and some mild soap. The idea is to remove debris from the window parts, not to just give the entire area a bath.

Inspect and Replace Seals

Once a season walk throughout your home and inspect all window seals. A leaky seal won't just let in a draft, it will also make your heater or air conditioner work harder than it needs to and can lead to higher energy costs. Luckily, replacing a rubber seal is relatively straight forward and can be accomplished without professional assistance. If you want to add some extra insulation, consider looking at some spray foam to help get the job done.

Use Putty or Caulk as Needed

If you begin to notice a more severe breakdown in the form of cracks or splinters, it's time to spring into action quickly. If you have rotting wooden windows, you can try digging out the bad section with a small tool and then filling the hole with some putty. Leaving a damaged window untreated will just lead to faster deterioration, so if this sounds like too much work for you, there's no shame in reaching out to a professional for help.

 If you want to keep your windows in good shape, get into the habit of inspecting and cleaning them at least once a season. Easy maintenance tasks you can do yourself include inspecting all seals and giving your window a good wipe down to remove debris. If you notice significant signs of wear and tear, consider using some putty or caulk to fix the problem, or reach out to a window specialist, such as from Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling, Inc., for help.