Tips For Designing A Patio With Mediterranean Panache

Posted on: 18 October 2017

People typically have romantic ideals about the Mediterranean style. It is a beautiful design style that conjures images of old-world traditions mixed with taking a bite out of life — and especially delicious food. That makes the Mediterranean style ideal for your prime outdoor living space, your patio. Design a gorgeous patio that features elements of this style.

Start with the Flooring

The foundation of any patio's design is its flooring. For the Mediterranean patio, you want an old-world feel. Flagstone, cobblestone, and Travertine tile are the traditional choices. However, if these materials are out of your budget range, consider concrete. You can have contractors install pavers that resemble flagstone. Or, you could choose a concrete slab stamped and stained to resemble flagstone, cobblestone, or Travertine tile.

Add Tile Work

Even if you opt against Travertine tile for the flooring, consider adding tile elsewhere on your patio. For instance, if you're incorporating an outdoor kitchen into the design, consider using colorful tile for the backsplash. Tile can also be used for the countertop itself.

Use Wrought Iron for the Railing

Another traditional material for the Mediterranean style is wrought iron. Wrought iron railings are very eye-catching. You could also opt for an aluminum railing that's powder-coated black to resemble wrought iron. Just choose the fancier style of post caps to mimic the elaborate look of wrought iron. Likewise, look into the material for your hardware — that will promote the old-world ambience of your patio.

Include a Water Feature

The Mediterranean is a body of water, so it makes sense water features are an important part of the style. Likewise, as Home and Garden TV points out, the sound of water music can block outside noise, making your space more tranquil. If possible, choose a statue fountain as a centerpiece of your patio. However, if space is an issue, find a conveniently blank wall space for a wall fountain. Just ensure neither fountain is in the path of heavy foot traffic.

Consider a Pergola

A pergola is a useful structure for any patio because it offers protection from the elements. However, a pergola is an attractive way to incorporate landscaping into your Mediterranean hardscaping. It will serve as a lattice for training plants up and over the structure. Grapevines are the most traditional — and romantic — option. However, showy bougainvillea is also traditional and will even afford you more shade. Just talk to your contractors about the best material for growing plants on.

Add a touch of Mediterranean panache to your patio design.