Tips For Remodeling A Baby's Nursery

Posted on: 19 October 2017

During the preparations for a new baby, one task you will likely have to tackle is remodeling a room and turning it into a nursery. While remodeling, there are several considerations to make, including how to complete the project as safely as possible. To help you create a nursery that is healthy for the baby, here are some tips:

Watch Out for Chemicals

One of the first steps you might want to take in remodeling the nursery is to paint the walls. Paints can contain volatile organic compounds or VOCs. VOCs are toxic chemicals that can impact your baby's breathing.

However, the odor and the danger with VOCs tend to dissipate over time. Once the odor is gone, it is safe for the baby to be in the nursery. Ideally, you should paint the room at least a few weeks before the baby is born.

While the danger of VOCs fades, you need to be wary of paints containing semi-volatile organic compounds, or SVOCs. The danger with these do not disappear and can be inhaled by your baby. If the paint chips once your baby starts crawling and walking, he or she could ingest the SVOCs and become ill.

To avoid any chances of your baby experiencing breathing difficulties or becoming ill, you can opt for a paint that is labeled as having zero VOCs and SVOCs.

Check for Mold

Moisture in the nursery can lead to the development of mold. For instance, moisture could be found in the window sill or around the air vents are common places for mold development. Before you move forward with your remodeling of the nursery, you need to check the entire room for signs of moisture and mold.

While checking for mold, do not forget to check the flooring. Flooring, such as carpeting, can sometimes have mold growing beneath the surface.

If you do find moisture, now is the time to take care of it. For instance, replacing the window and adding weatherstripping to the window can help to keep moisture out. If there is mold, you might have to get a professional removal of it. If not, the mold could return later and cause health problems for your baby.

To guarantee that your baby is coming home to a healthy nursery, consider hiring a contractor to help with your home remodeling project. He or she will be familiar with the various safety hazards to watch out for and can ensure the space is free of dangers.