Stone Bathtubs Are Stylish And Unique

Posted on: 20 October 2017

If you are going to remodel your bathroom, the bathtub its a great place to start. This is particularly true if you have a precast fiberglass bathtub basin. You can rip this out and install a custom bathtub that will add so much style to the room. There are many options if you're considering a custom bathtub, but few are as stylish or as durable as stone. This article explains why stone bathtubs are great and which types of stone work best.

Why Stone?

One of the best reasons for investing in a stone bathtub is that it allows you to coordinate the room. That is, you can have the same stone throughout your entire bathroom. Not only can you have the same stone on your countertop and sink, but you can also have it on your floor, creating a seamless transition between the floor and the bathtub.

Stone is also great because it allows the homeowner to customize the bathtub (and the entire room). That is, you can use stones of various sizes and colors to create a mosaic feel. You can use rough-hewn stones for a more natural feel. Basically, there are no rules or limitation when it comes to stone bathtubs.

Homeowners also love stone because it can be placed all the way up the wall, and even on the ceiling. This completely enclosed look is very stylish and luxurious.

What Type of Stone Should You Install

When it comes to bathtubs, stone tiles are the most common option. Usually, since this space is limited, you want to use tiles that are less than one square foot in size. Some people will use larger slabs when it comes to the vertical walls, but the floor will have to be made out of tiles.

Stone Maintenance

It is important to note that stone bathtubs will require more maintenance than fiberglass basins will. Stone, no matter what type you choose, will be slightly porous. This means that it needs to be sealed in order to protect against water damage, soap scum, and mold formation. Luckily, this maintenance is not very time consuming. In fact, you will probably only need to reseal a stone bathtub once every few years.

A stone bathtub might be quite expensive, but it is definitely a worthwhile investment. It will add a lot of class to your bathroom and ultimately help to increase the value of your property.