Why You Should Think About Having Replacement Windows Installed

Posted on: 23 October 2017

If you're thinking about remodeling your home, you probably have many ideas about all the changes you're going to make. Ideally, your home improvements will give you the features you want in your home while making it more energy efficient, too. You may wonder if it is worth the expense to invest in window replacement services. Remodeling is a great time to upgrade your windows so you can enjoy some of these benefits.

Improve The Appearance Of Your Home

When you have replacement windows installed, that means the windows go in the same size opening in the walls as the windows you have removed. That doesn't mean they have to be the same style. If you have old jalousie windows with the louvered glass panes in them, you can have them replaced with modern double-hung windows that tilt in for easy cleaning. You can also change the appearance of the frames by switching from aluminum to vinyl, wood, or fiberglass. New frames and new window styles can improve the appearance of your home by giving it a more modern look.

Increase Energy Efficiency

If your windows are old, there's a good chance they aren't efficient. You may need to cover them with storm windows or plastic to keep your home warm in the winter. Older homes weren't built to energy-efficient standards. Plus, windows tend to get loose and worn as they age, which makes them even more inefficient. You can choose frames designed with insulated cores to protect against heat loss.

Even glass can be made more efficient by choosing windows with double panes that have gas between the glass layers. You could also opt for windows treated with film that reduces heat transfer and blocks UV rays. Then, your home stays warmer during the cold months and cooler in the summer. Increased energy efficiency means your power bills should be lower and you'll be able to sit near the windows in winter without being chilly.

Lower Maintenance Requirements

New windows could mean less maintenance for the windows and for your home. If you choose vinyl windows, you won't have to worry about painting them or repairing rotted frames because vinyl doesn't deteriorate like wood or pit like aluminum. New windows also protect against water getting inside your home and condensation that could lead to problems with mold and water damage along an interior wall. Also, if you choose windows with treated glass, your home will have UV protection, so you can leave your curtains open and not worry about fading carpets or upholstery.

New windows may also be better at reducing the amount of noise that enters your home from the outside. Well-insulated windows act as a sound barrier that helps keep your home quieter. You can also opt for impact glass when you have replacement windows installed. This glass protects your home from storm damage and intruders. New windows also add value to your home, which could help get some of your investment back if you put your home up for sale in a few years.