Information You May Need To Know About Refinishing Your Bathtub

Posted on: 26 October 2017

Your bathtub is a major part of your home that you will need to use each day. Not surprisingly, the bathtub can become worn over the course of time, and while the appearance of the tub may degrade, replacing it may seem unnecessary. By understanding the bathtub refinishing process, you can keep your bathtub looking like new.

Why Would A Bathtub Need To Have A New Finish Applied?

The finish of your bathtub is designed to protect the stone or metal from being damaged by water. Additionally, the finish can help to give your bathtub an attractive shine while also preventing stains from occurring. As this finish degrades, the protection that the bathtub enjoys will be compromised, and you may find that this leads to structural problems with the bathtub along with the development of stains or other cosmetic issues. For example, a stone bathtub may be much more likely to develop cracks if its finish is compromised.

How Long Will The Bathtub Be Unable To Be Used?

You may not want to have the bathtub refinished due to your need for a working bathtub. While your bathtub will be unable to be used while the new finish dries and cures, this process will not take as long as you may assume. In most cases, the new finish for the bathtub will dry within a few hours, and some contractors will have tools that can further expedite this drying process. Therefore, you may find that your bathtub is ready for use when it is time for you to shower or bath the next day.

Can You Extend The Life Of Your Bathtub's Finish?

While having a bathtub refinished is a fairly routine task, it is somewhat expensive, and it can be inconvenient as the contractors will need to be let into your home. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to care for your bathtub's finish so that it lasts for as long as possible. To this end, you will want to avoid using abrasive cleaning solutions or scrubbers as this can scratch the finish. Additionally, you should remove soap scum and mildew regularly as these substances can also degrade the finish.

A bathtub finish will suffer substantial wear over the course of time that you own it. In order to keep the bathtub maintained, you will need to understand the need to have it refinished, the fact that this work will not take as long as you may assume and the steps for extending the life of the finish.