Remodeling Your Kitchen Before Having A Baby? 3 Features To Include

Posted on: 26 October 2017

Expecting a child can come with the desire to spruce up your home and get it in shape for welcoming them home. If you want your home to be as safe as possible, it's vital that you look into the rooms with the most foot traffic and find ways to improve how safe the space is for when your baby starts crawling.

If you're unsure of what projects to undertake, consider the following features and how kitchen remodeling can be vital to making your home a safe place for your growing child after they arrive.

Toddler-Proof Appliances

Replacing the appliances in your kitchen may be a top priority to you due to how outdated they are or if they lack in user friendliness. If you're eager to replace the appliances, it's a good idea to look into which appliances will be the safest for your new baby. Your toddler will likely be interested in pulling on the oven door handle, making it important for the door to have a locking mechanism in place.

Making sure that the knobs can't be easily turned or opting for an electronic dial on the back of the stove can also help ensure that your child doesn't turn on the heat unsupervised.

Rounded Counter Corners

If you're worried about your kitchen counters could be a danger to your baby, you should look for ones with rounded edges. Round edges along the sides of the kitchen counters can be much more effective at preventing any injuries when your toddler starts standing and running around.

Rounded corners can still look fantastic in your bathroom, making it a good idea to focus on getting this kind of countertop installed when you're replacing your existing one.

Slip-Proof Flooring

When your toddler begins running around the house, you don't want there to be a high risk of them tripping and getting injured. While you will want to have bare floors in the kitchen for hygienic and convenience purposes, you need to make sure that they will not be too slippery for your child.

What this means is choosing tile flooring with enough grout to prevent slips or flooring that simply has a more abrasive texture to it so that the floors won't be as slippery.

As you look into remodeling your kitchen, there are numerous things that you should look for to ensure that you get the finished look you desire without major safety risks for your baby. With the above projects in place, you can enjoy your kitchen much more and feel good about it being safe. Work with companies like Interior Expressions to get the most out of your remodeling project.