Reasons That A Home Addition Is A Smart Move Before An Elderly Parent Moves In

Posted on: 24 February 2018

Many people find themselves opening their home to an elderly parent at some point, which can yield many benefits. For a family, it can be nice to have an elderly parent around, while the parent will usually appreciate his or her new living arrangements instead of moving into a retirement home. In advance of this change, you may wish to consider a home addition. Obviously, having a family member move in on short notice may not provide enough time for an addition, but if you're planning this change well in advance, an addition may be the right move. Here are some reasons why.

Increases Living Space

The main reason for planning a home addition in advance of an elderly parent moving in with you is that your family will have more space. In some cases, you may plan the addition to provide space exclusively for your parent. For example, the addition could include a bedroom, a small living area, and a bathroom. In other cases, you may simply find that an addition increases the overall square footage of your home in order to give your new arrival and the family members who already live with you more room.

He/She May Help With The Cost

Every family's situation is different, but it's not unreasonable to see if your elderly parent will contribute to the cost of the home addition. Keep in mind that by moving in with you, he or she may be saving thousands of dollars over the coming years by not having to live in a retirement home. If you aren't charging your parent rent for living with your family, you may wish to discuss having the parent pay for part of the addition. This financial help can make it easier for you to have this work done.

Offers Some Privacy

While your elderly parent may be able to occupy a spare bedroom or even sleep on the couch, he or she won't get much privacy. If the parent is used to living alone, suddenly being around your family throughout the day may be a little overwhelming. An addition is ideal because you can plan it to offer some privacy for your loved one. For example, a door between the parent's living quarters and the rest of your home can allow him or her to spend time in private when desired. Talk to a building contractor like CWC Construction about your goals for the addition and put some plans together.