Four Advantages Of Cabinet Refacing

Posted on: 25 March 2018

Cabinet refacing is a type of kitchen remodeling project in which the doors of the cabinets, but not the cabinets themselves, are either sanded down and stained, or completely removed and replaced. This distinctive method of changing the appearance of your cabinets can completely alter the appearance of your kitchen, and holds a number of advantages when compared to total cabinet replacement. Understanding the advantages associated with kitchen cabinet refacing can help you determine if it is the right project for your needs.


One of the largest advantages associated with refacing your cabinets instead of completely replacing them is the fact that it is much more affordable. Since you are only removing a small part of your cabinet, your material costs are much less, and the process goes by much quicker, saving you money on labor as well. This makes cabinet refacing the ideal kitchen remodeling project for homeowners that are looking to update their aesthetic on a budget.

Ease of Installation

Another advantage associated with having your cabinets refaced instead of completely replaced is that the process itself is fairly simple. Things do not have to be ripped out of your kitchen, wiring and plumbing does not have to be changed, and the process is over within a matter of days. Beyond the savings associated with labor, mentioned above, the ease of the installation process for refaced cabinets means that the amount of disruption to your kitchen (as well as to your everyday schedule and life) is kept at a bare minimum.

Aesthetic Impact

In addition to the low costs and relatively little disruption that cabinet refacing poses, another key consideration is the fact that refacing your kitchen cabinets is indistinguishable from having them replaced entirely. Since the interior of your cabinets do not provide anything to the design of your kitchen, having the doors replaced is effectively the same as having new cabinets put in: and if you have adequate storage space already, and your cabinets are structurally sound, there's no reason to replace them.

Environmental Considerations

Though a minor consideration, it is still important to keep in mind that cabinet refacing is more environmentally friendly than replacing your cabinets. Fewer new materials are used, and fewer old materials are discarded, which helps reduce the overall environmental impact of your kitchen remodeling project (especially if you choose sustainably sourced materials to reface your cabinets with, like bamboo and hardwood).

To learn more about cabinet refacing, contact a kitchen remodeling contractor in your area.