Modern Wood Windows Are Synthetic And Durable

Posted on: 26 June 2018

If you are ready to upgrade your windows, you have probably already started to research the best materials. You might be unfamiliar with all of the new materials that have been introduced since your existing windows were built. For a long time, vinyl was the clear choice. Before that, it was aluminum that was being put in every home. Neither of these products were particularly stylish. Aluminum is a metal that looks a little cold and vinyl basically just looks like plastic. 

Of course, there are craftsman style windows that are made out of real and composite woods. These are stylish but more expensive. Also, many people are skeptical of wood windows because they don't want to deal with a product that requires so much maintenance and refinishing. But, modern wooden windows are very different than what you might think.

This article explains the design and construction of wooden window fixtures and helps you determine whether or not the maintenance will be too much for you.

Synthetic Cores

The most important feature of modern wooden windows is the fact that they have synthetic cores. That is, the window panes are encased and welded to a vinyl or fiberglass composite sash. This sash is then clad in a thin veneer of hardwood. So, all you see is real wood, but you don't have to deal with most of the problems that you commonly have with wooden sashes. Wood is very temperamental in wet climate or regions where the temperature changes drastically in a single day.

Moisture and drastic temperature changes can cause the grain within the wood to swell and separate, which can make the sash so lopsided that it won't slide very well. But, since the wood is so thin, the minimal amount of expansion and contraction doesn't affect the sliding of the window, and it also doesn't affect the structural hold of the glass. That is, the glass isn't even attached to the wood, so you don't really have to worry about being compromised by warped wood.

Maintaining Wood Finishes

You are still going to have wood on the outside of your windows so that they will need some maintenance. This wood needs to be refinished to prevent moisture from causing it to crack or causing the fade to wear off. Basically, a wood window still takes some TLC, but it is far more reliable than it used to be.

For more information on replacement windows, contact your window professionals.