Big Style For Your Small Bathroom

Posted on: 30 July 2018

Bathrooms are one of the most utilized rooms within a home. A small bathroom can pose a real challenge when multiple people are trying to get ready within the space. Finding ways to make a small bathroom more functional is often at the top of a homeowner's wish list.

Although you might not have the budget to expand the size of your small bathroom, you can invest in a remodel that will help the diminutive space feel much larger than it does now.

Replace your vanity with a pedestal sink.

If your small bathroom is located near a closet, you might want to consider moving stored items out of the vanity and into the closet instead. This will allow you to remove a large and clunky vanity from your smaller bathroom and replace it with a streamlined pedestal sink.

A pedestal sink allows the eye to travel all the way through to the rear of the restroom. This optical illusion helps a small space feel larger. A pedestal sink preserves function while creating a lighter and more airy feel to your bathroom.

Eliminate the bathtub.

Modern adults rarely take baths. If you are looking for a simple and effective way to free up some square footage in your smaller bathroom, removing the tub can be a great place to start. A shower enclosure takes up much less space than a tub yet still meets your daily hygiene needs.

You can invest in upgraded tile, glass doors, and high-end fixtures for your shower. The glass doors will allow your tile to be on display at all times and maintain a continuous line of sight through your bathroom. This can help the room feel larger without physically adding more space.

Raise the curtains.

Textiles play an important role in the design of any room. With so many hard surfaces, a bathroom needs curtains to help soften the space. If you want to make your small bathroom feel larger, extend the curtains all the way to the ceiling.

Hanging your curtains up high will create the illusion that the ceiling is taller than it is. This helps a small room feel loftier and more open. Raising your curtain rods is an affordable and effective way to help transform your small bathroom into a living space with big style.

Don't let a small bathroom get in the way of your home's function and aesthetic. Maximize the use of space within your bathroom by completing a remodel with a company like Paradise Kitchens SRQ designed to make the room feel more open.