How To Find A Focal Point For Your New Bathroom

Posted on: 28 March 2019

The best room renovations have a focal point at their heart. But, while it's easy to identify the focal point of a bedroom or the living room, finding the right focal point for the bathroom can be much more complicated.

How can you determine what the focal point of your bathroom is and how can you use it to your advantage? Here are four bathroom highlights and who they're perfect for.


The bathtub has long been a focal point in many bathrooms, but its popularity has declined in the modern age. However, if you're one who loves a good long soak in the bubble bath, then you should buck this trend and embrace the bathtub. Opt for an old-fashioned claw foot tub, a luxurious drop-in tub, or a large corner unit. Give the bathtub the space it deserves and make the room all about relaxation. 


Do you prefer a long, hot soak in the shower instead a bath? Then modern shower options are for you. You may want to opt for a large, two-person shower with glass and tile enclosures. Or, choose a rain shower head or a full-body spray. Spa-like designs for today's shower include built-in seating, walk-in floors, and audio-visual systems to listen to your favorite songs or watch the big game. 

Dressing Table

If you love to primp and preen and experiment with your style, then focus your bath around the dressing area. Create a separate counter space specially designed to give space to play with makeup or hair, complemented by task lighting above and around the sides of the mirror. You can also install separate mirrors for close-ups, custom organization and storage for all your toiletries and cosmetics, and a comfortable chair you could spend hours in — whether or not you actually do. 


Does your bathroom have a fun or unique architectural element? Many baths feature a large window, which you can highlight to make it a focal point. Hang beautiful window treatments, surround it with living greenery, or redesign it to create an unusually-shaped feature. Older bathrooms often have unusual angles, sloped ceilings, or antique fixtures. Any of these items makes an excellent starting point to define the style and mood of the room. 

Look around your bathroom and think about how you actually use it. There is no right or wrong when it comes to remodeling a space so it will please you. No matter whether you want to center the room around a feature you use the most or an integral part of the room, the result of your bathroom remodeling may be that it becomes your new favorite part of your home.