Have A Cramped Kitchen? 4 Remodeling Projects To Make It Feel Larger

Posted on: 3 June 2019

Preparing meals in a cramped kitchen is not something that you may look forward to doing. Luckily, being a homeowner allows you to make changes to satisfy your wants and needs. If you would like to enjoy every moment that you spend in the kitchen, you can make this happen by hiring professionals and taking on projects that either expand the space or make it feel larger.


A collection of small windows in your kitchen may not bring in much light, which can lead to the space feeling cramped. This is especially true during evenings and cloudy days when you will not get much or any natural light coming in through the windows. While installing new windows is not something that will solve darkness, you can rely on them making the kitchen feel larger.

In most situations, you will get the most natural light from south-facing windows. So, as long as your kitchen's exterior does not have any major obstacles, you should prioritize this orientation.


Along with windows, you should consider using doors to make your kitchen feel more open. If you have an exterior door that leads to the side yard or backyard, you should consider switching it out for one with a large glass panel or even French patio doors if you have enough room. This will contribute to bringing in more natural light to minimize the cramped feeling in the kitchen.


If you are living in a home with a closed floor plan, you may want to switch it up by tearing down several walls in the kitchen. By getting professional help, you will not have to worry about demolishing any load-bearing walls, which would cause a major problem for the whole space.

All it may take is removing a wall or two to increase visibility throughout the surrounding rooms while in the kitchen, which can keep you from feeling closed off while making food.


When the rest of your house is quite large, you may want to take on a major project with increasing the kitchen's size. Cutting out part of the dining room or living room may not make much of a difference in these rooms, but it can have a huge impact on your kitchen. You also do not need to do anything with the extra space and just enjoy having more space to move around.

Working on these projects is a great way to improve a cramped kitchen. For more ideas, contact a company like J&B Fine Cabinetry.