Invest In Minor Kitchen Remodeling To Make Your Rental More Appealing

Posted on: 5 November 2019

Owning a rental is something that you may find exciting because you get to decide how much work you want to put in. For instance, if you want to start generating more monthly income from being able to charge higher rent comfortably, you will need to make several improvements.

While you can work on almost any part of the property, you should not pass up a chance to improve the kitchen, especially when you can take on small projects that make a huge difference.

Garbage Disposal

If you have lived in a home without a garbage disposal before, you may know how much of an inconvenience it can be to watch out for everything that might go down the drain. Also, when food particles do get stuck, you need to clean them out to get the water draining properly again.

Adding a garbage disposal is not a major project because it only requires modifying a small part of the kitchen. Also, since you are likely working on this project during a vacancy, you will not need to move anything aside inside the cabinets since the interior will be completely empty.

Center Island

In some kitchens, you will find a custom island with an extra sink, granite countertop, and ample storage. While this would add a great deal of value to your rental property, you do not need to go this far to make a noticeable difference. All you need to do is invest in a basic center island that will provide your tenants with extra storage and seating within the kitchen. You can even purchase an affordable assembled island that will fit into the space and install it rather quickly.


Although you may know that changing how the kitchen looks is not going to increase functionality, you will benefit from investing in cosmetics. A renter who is looking to rent a property will not know about any functionality changes that you invest into the kitchen.

To improve the cosmetics, you may want to paint the backsplash and walls to create a new color scheme in the kitchen that you know will look good alongside everything else. You can even go as far as changing the hardware to make the kitchen look more luxurious. A perk that comes with hardware is that you can switch to a different type that may be easier to open for tenants.

Hiring remodelers is what you should do to make your kitchen more appealing to renters.

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