5 Steps For Choosing The Right Custom Cabinets

Posted on: 11 December 2020

When choosing the right custom cabinets for your home, you may feel overwhelmed by the choices you must make. That is why you should break down the choices for your custom kitchen cabinets into different parts, so you can decide about the cabinets you want.

Choose Cabinet Door Profile

First, you are going to want to decide what profile you want your cabinet doors to have. Your cabinet doors will be the most visible element of your cabinets, which is why you want to focus on this choice first. Choosing a door profile will help you determine how you want your cabinets to look.

Some of the most common types of door profiles are recessed miter, raised arch, recessed square, and slab. The slab is a very modern look. The recessed square is a little more elegant yet modern at the same type. A recessed miter or raised arch is more of a classic look.

Choose Cabinet Door Style

Second, now that you have chosen the door profile, you now need to choose the style of door you want. The door style is a little different than the cabinet profile. For example, with a recessed square, there are multiple different ways that the wood could be recessed, such as a more simple straight recess or a more ornate recess design.

Choose Wood Type & Color

Third, you will want to choose the type of wood you want to use on your cabinets. The type of wood you choose will impact the visual look of your cabinets. 

Cherry wood cabinets, for example, will have a red undertone and have a smooth close-grain appearance. On the other hand, Oakwood cabinets have a more distinct grain pattern and range, with more color running through the cabinets. The wood you choose will impact the color and look of your cabinets. 

Choose Hardware

Fourth, you need to choose the hardware you want to go with the cabinets. The hardware will impact both the style and functionality of your cabinets. You need to think about the type of handles you want to grasp and what type of hardware you want to look at.

Consider Functionality 

Finally, now that you have chosen your cabinets' overall design, you need to think about functionality. You need to work with your cabinet maker to create custom cabinets that will allow the functionality to have somewhere to put all of your stuff in your kitchen.

When it comes to choosing how you want your custom cabinets to be fabricated, you will want to start by choosing the door profile then style. After that, choose the wood type and finish, and then move onto the hardware. Finally, you can work with your cabinet maker to create custom cabinets that will fit all of your kitchen appliances and goods.