Kitchen Cabinet Designs With Modern Contrasting Finishes

Posted on: 16 June 2021

If you are doing a more modern design for your kitchen, having the right cabinets is important. Today, there are more options for the types of materials and colors that can be used for cabinet designs. The following cabinet designs will give your kitchen contrasting finishes for a modern look:

Versatile and Stylish Painted Cabinet Finishes

The finishes of your cabinets can be attractive and stylish with paint. Painting wood cabinets is one of the modern kitchen design trends that give you the most options. There are many benefits to using colored painted cabinet finishes because you can change the look at any time. This means that you can start with contrasting finishes and change them by repainting your kitchen later. If you choose to use painted cabinets, have the work done by a professional cabinet service. Ask them about using glossy paint to make it easier to keep your kitchen clean. They can use specially formulated paints and spray equipment to give the cabinets a factory-quality finish. These finishes can be protected with a clear coating that can also be glossy and make it easier to keep your kitchen clean.

Synthetic Cabinet Materials with Colorful Finishes

There are also options for materials that can be used for your cabinets are synthetic composite materials. These compost plastic-like materials are a great choice for the finishes because they are durable and easy to clean. There are also similar options to create contrast with resins for solid surface countertops if you want to have synthetic cabinets. These materials are durable and resistant to scratches and other wear associated with food preparation. The synthetic resins and composites are also affordable and will not cost much to repair or replace to change the look of your kitchen in the future.

Custom Colored Finishes for Wood Cabinet Designs

The cabinets can also have special colored stains to give them a modern look. There are a lot of options to stain the colors into the wood grain to give the new cabinets the look you want. If you want darker units that contrast white paint or other lighter colors in the kitchen, an ebonized kitchen cabinet finish is a great choice. There are also modern chemical stains that can change the colors of woodgrains to give your cabinet finishes a unique look. Ask your cabinet installer about different options for the types of woods and staining methods that can be used to create the unique colors you want for your kitchen design.

The contrasting colors of cabinets can be synthetic materials, paint, or custom finishes that give your kitchen a modern look. Contact a kitchen cabinet service to discuss these solutions for a modern kitchen design.