Small Bathroom Remodeling Tips To Make It Appear Larger

Posted on: 14 July 2021

A small bathroom such as a powder bathroom is usually only big enough for a sink and toilet, and not much room for anything else. You want to decorate it or fill it with items to give it a homey and decorated feel, but it can make this small room feel cluttered and closed in. To help make it feel larger, there are things you can do to give it a larger feel. Read on for a few remodeling tips to help you achieve this.

Use Light-Colored Paint

Paint the room with a lighter color throughout the entire room to help give it an open feel. If there is a window in the bathroom, allow the natural lighting in to brighten the room as well. Lighter colors help make any room feel larger, so stick with light colors and use one color throughout to keep the eye moving and to really open it up.

Skip The Window Coverings

Don't cover the windows with curtains or blinds; allow the natural lighting in using a clear film over the window to help let in the light and prevent anyone from seeing in. You can find the film for your windows at your local hardware store. Fit the film over the window and follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to apply it to the window. The natural lighting will help open the room up as well. If there is no window in your small bathroom, use a light that brightens the entire room, not just part of it.

Apply Wainscoting

Add wainscoting halfway up the wall and paint it white. It will brighten the room and can also add height to the room when you paint the upper half of the wall a different color. You can add this to just one wall, or to each wall to add height and dimension to the room. 

Install A Pedestal Sink

If you have just a small bathroom, you don't want to have a bulky sink in the bathroom, although the extra storage is nice, it can make the room feel too small. Instead, install a pedestal sink in the room. The pedestal sink can still make the room feel nice, while the slenderness of the pedestal sink can give the room a larger feel. If you need some space for storage, consider installing an in-the-wall storage cabinet, which can be installed in between the studs of your walls and hidden with a mirror or a small cabinet door, or you can leave it as open shelving.

If you have a small bathroom, you may feel closed in. Use the tips above to help give it a larger feel. Talk to your bathroom remodeling company, such as OCD Building & Remodeling Inc., about what other things you can do to give your bathroom a larger feel.