Do You Need To Add A Walk-In Kitchen Pantry?

Posted on: 23 November 2021

Almost every kitchen needs a pantry to store food, appliances, and other stuff. If you're contemplating a kitchen remodeling project and thinking of adding a pantry, you have to decide whether you need a walk-in pantry or not. 

A walk-in pantry is spacious, and you can store enough food to last months, but is it worth the kitchen space you'll lose? Unless you're adding an extension to your house to accommodate the pantry, opting for a walk-in pantry will only reduce your kitchen space. 

Here are reasons to add a walk-in pantry during your kitchen remodeling project. 

You Need Flexible Organization 

Do you struggle to organize your food, appliances, and other items in your cabinets? A walk-in pantry would have more space to organize and customize as you like. Having a small or non-existent pantry makes cooking harder because everything is cluttered in the same space. Not only does your kitchen look messy, but you'll also occasionally forget where you placed some foods or ingredients. 

However, if you have a walk-in pantry, you can organize it based on your preferences. This would make it easier to access the foods and operate your kitchen efficiently. 

You're Struggling to Keep up With Inventory 

How many times have you forgotten about ingredients you bought weeks or months ago? It happens more than often you'd like. This can be attributed to poor organization skills or a non-existent pantry. 

If you add a walk-in pantry when remodeling your kitchen, you'll have sufficient space to implement organizational ideas. Keep in mind that a large pantry won't necessarily solve your problem unless you choose to be more organized. If you opt to be organized, you'll have an easier time noticing when you're running out of kitchen inventory. It also becomes easier to notice inventory that you haven't used in a while. 

Bigger Isn't Always Better 

Adding a walk-in pantry will offer more storage space, and you can stay better organized. However, more storage space often translates to more upkeep. It'll need regular cleaning, and you'll have to dedicate more time every week to keep the pantry clean. 

If you don't have the space or the funds for a walk-in pantry, consider other alternatives. For example, you can add cabinet pantries during your kitchen remodeling project. They're cheaper and take up less space than a walk-in pantry. The space is more centralized and easier to access when cooking. However, if you still want a walk-in pantry, go ahead. It's a great addition to any home and can improve the value of your property. 

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