3 Ways To Design A Bathroom Ideal For Younger Children

Posted on: 18 February 2022

Remodeling your family bathroom can be necessary when you have young children at home. If you're concerned with the bathroom being accessible to everyone, there are several projects you can focus on. Instead of remodeling with only your goals in mind, consider what features are kid-friendly and what changes will be a worthy investment well into the future. 

Don't Skip Storage

One of the most essential features to include while remodeling your bathroom is storage space. Since you won't want issues where storage is limited due to the layout or sink type, consider if a vanity is possible. A sink vanity will include cabinets underneath that have plenty of room for a range of items, including towels and other toiletries.

Other options for storage include installing a linen closet, having shelving set up, and even cut-outs into the walls built. Keeping these storage options accessible to your children will increase the chance that they'll assist with organizing the bathroom. Finding a good balance for storage will keep everything accessible and avoid issues where your bathroom looks cluttered with items challenging to tuck away.

Make Cleaning Easy

Another essential part of remodeling is to make the bathroom as easy to use as possible. It can feel frustrating for the bathroom to get messy quickly due to flat paint showing fingerprints or the sink collecting a lot of dirt and grime. 

Checking what features will be easiest to clean for your children and only require a quick wipe once a day can make cleaning an easy task for everyone. 

Before rushing into remodeling the bathroom, consider the addition of a touchless faucet and a sink basin that is flat to the sink without any area that collects grime. 

Consider the Height

Finding the ideal height for the counters or sink vanity can be challenging once you've considered how tall your children are. With the average height of bathroom cabinets being 34 inches from the floor, you may want to go a bit smaller to avoid the need for a step-stool. Considering how long you want to keep the cabinets before replacing them can also ensure that your home's vanity is the ideal height. 

The goal to remodel the bathroom to be appropriate for your children can be a big decision since you don't want it to feel too childish in design. Choosing lots of storage and making the cleaning easy for everyone can ensure that the bathroom remodel is accommodating.