Remodeling A Small Bathroom? 5 Tips To Make It Great

Posted on: 30 June 2022

Are you renovating a small bathroom? Many bathrooms are shortchanged in size so that square footage can be used in other rooms. But a small space doesn't mean you can't create a great new bathroom. Here are five tips to achieve the best no matter how much room you have to work with.  

1. Free the Floor

Conserve space and make the whole room feel larger by reducing the footprint of items. A pedestal or wall-mounted sink, for instance, serves the same function as a vanity with cabinets, but it looks smaller and accentuates the space around it. The more you get items off the floor, the larger the whole room will feel. 

2. Add Storage

There is almost never such a thing as too much bathroom storage. This is still true when the bathroom is small, but achieving it requires clever thinking. If you skip the cabinet vanity, for instance, include wall-mounted storage or hanging door racks instead. You might even add storage shelves or medicine cabinets directly into the walls to save interior space. 

3. Design Cohesively

When you have little space to begin with, your design plan must be focused and orderly. This isn't a time to experiment with a lot of textures, colors, or patterns. Instead, use a single theme and a simple palette. Then, employ this sparingly and strategically to maximize the theme without adding too many design elements.

4. Light It Up

Lighting can make a big difference in how a small room looks. Insufficient lighting makes it appear more coffin-like and drab or even less clean. Bright lighting brings an airier, happier feel. Natural sunlight is best for the small bathroom if possible. Then include a flexible artificial lighting plan that incorporates task lighting, accent lighting, and overhead lighting. 

5. Let Traffic Flow

Traffic flow is the way in which users navigate in, around, and out of the room. Because your bathroom is small, it's important to lay it out in a way that's logical, comfortable, and as unobstructed as possible. Modern homeowners have lots of options for the necessary modules of a bathroom, including shower designs and sink styles. Use this expanded pool of choices to make your bathroom flow better. 

Where to Learn More

What particular challenges do you face when remodeling your small bathroom? No matter whether these are logistical, design, or budgetary, the best resource is a skilled bathroom remodeling contractor in your area. Make an appointment today to get more tips for success.