4 Features Worth Adding To Or Expanding In A Large Kitchen

Posted on: 1 September 2022

While living in a home with a large kitchen that has ample space, you may feel like you are missing out in some ways. The extra space could be used for other features and improvements. Luckily, all you need to do is hire kitchen remodelers to start working on several projects. An excellent move is to learn about what features are worth adding or expanding on beforehand.


You can confidently expand the countertops when you cook in your kitchen and find that you run out of space occasionally. The only thing you need to add countertop space is empty walls where you can expand existing counters or add a standalone area. You can then decide whether you want to use identical countertop materials and colors or replace all of them.

Another way to get more countertop space is by installing an island. A major advantage of an island is that you can build a custom one that works for your kitchen's dimensions.


Installing extra cabinetry is an excellent way to use space in a large kitchen. You can add more to the existing cabinet setup by putting more on each side. Another possibility is installing cabinets above existing ones when they do not stretch to the ceiling. Adding small cabinets along the top of the wall will boost storage capacity and help you use available space.

When you are satisfied with the existing counter space but need more storage, you can add floor-to-ceiling cabinetry along empty walls. This setup will provide a ton of quickly and easily accessible storage to help cook and prepare homemade meals.


Replacing your oven may allow you to upgrade models and get better features. But it will not necessarily take up extra space. Fortunately, you can replace your existing oven with a wall-mounted double oven that takes up more space and provides even more functionality.

As soon as you swap to a double oven, you can start baking or roasting meals at two different temperatures, ensuring your dishes come out perfectly.


When you add an island, you will find that adding an extra sink can help tremendously. You can put all your dishes in one sink and use the other for cooking. Another option is to expand the first sink by getting a bigger one with multiple basins to boost functionality. The added island and countertop space will compensate for the extra space you use to put in a larger sink.

To learn more about adding features and such, contact a kitchen remodeling service near you.