Window Replacement: It’s about More than Looks

Posted on: 28 September 2022

Homeowners often look at their windows and figure that if they still look okay, they don't need to be replaced. Indeed, if your windows are chipped, cracked, and showing visual signs of deterioration, then it is time to strongly consider some replacement windows. However, optics are not the only reason to replace old windows, and you may not always want to delay window replacement until yours are visually breaking down. Here are some benefits of replacement windows that go beyond looks.

Replacement windows are more energy-efficient.

Energy efficiency has become more important to both window manufacturers and homeowners over the past few years. As a result, today's replacement windows are a lot more energy-efficient than those from years past. They're made with two panes of glass, not one. (Some even have three panes of glass!) They are also made with more insulating sash and frame materials, such as composite in place of wood. If you replace your windows now, before they look terribly worn, you will save money on energy. Using less energy is good for the planet, too.

Replacement windows are easier to keep clean.

Do you ever struggle to get your older windows fully clean? Dirt and gunk may get stuck in the crevices between the glass and the window sash. You may also have trouble getting the grime out of the latches and locks. New windows are often made to be easier to clean. The sash and frame materials are less porous and easier to wipe down, and latches and locks are generally made with fewer grooves for dirt to fit in.

Replacement windows are less drafty.

If you find that the areas in front of your windows feel chilly and colder than the rest of your house? This is likely because your windows are drafty. There may be a few areas where the frame and the glass are separating, allowing air to seep in. There may also be some areas where the air is coming in around latches and locks. Drafts may make you feel like you need to bundle up at home, even when you have the heat on full blast. Replacement windows will be well-sealed and won't let drafts inside.

If your windows look worse for wear, then replacing them is surely a good choice. But there are also benefits to replacing older windows that still look okay. You'll save energy, avoid drafty chills, and find them easier to clean.

To learn more, contact a window replacement contractor in your area.