Reasons Your Basement Needs An Egress Window

Posted on: 23 November 2022

An egress window is a window you can use to leave your premises during an emergency. These windows are common in high-risk areas like basements. Here are the reasons for installing basement escape windows. 


Some incidents in your basement, such as fires or floods, can be fatal. When fatalities occur on your property, this may lead to emotional loss. Besides, you may take liability if visitors lose their lives on your property. This may result in a lawsuit where you may spend a lot of money on court and lawyer fees defending yourself. Moreover, if the court finds you guilty of negligence, you may need to compensate the victim's family for their loss. Basement egress windows allow people to escape fatal incidents, saving lives.

Natural Lighting and Ventilation

Basements without windows can be dark, which may encourage the proliferation of pests like cockroaches. Additionally, without proper aeration, your basement may be stuffy. Properly installed and maintained basement escape windows allow natural light into your basement, making it more lively. You also spend less on your basement's lighting. Furthermore, you can open your egress window to allow fresh air into your basement. Moreover, the windows are available in various designs. Hence, you can choose an attractive design, boosting property aesthetics.

Building Code

While not all old homes have basement escape windows, the building codes in most states dictate that these windows be present in modern homes. Therefore, you may face legal trouble if your home doesn't meet these building codes. For instance, you may find yourself in trouble with local authorities and pay heavy fines. Likewise, the authorities may suspend operations in your home until you install egress windows. So, install egress window installations to avoid legal problems.


When incidents such as fires occur, these may cause injuries, including burns to basement occupants. Severe burns may cause pain or leave scars. Additionally, treating severe injuries may be costly, and healing may take time. Fortunately, basement escape windows can provide a way for leaving a risky basement. This protects your safety.

Home Value

Basement escape windows add value to your home, attracting potential buyers quickly. That's because the windows indicate that you conform to your area's building codes. Also, egress windows show that you value the safety of your property's occupants. Hence, your home may fetch high market prices.

Basement escape windows can increase your home's value, boost aesthetics and safety, save lives and help you meet local building codes. Contact a local window service, such as Cardinal Remodeling & Design, LLC, to learn more.