3 Tips For Remodeling A Small Bathroom

Posted on: 24 February 2023

An updated and functional bathroom can increase the value of your home.

Many homeowners will invest in a bathroom remodel at some point during their lifetime. Some bathroom remodels are simple, while others can require more creativity to achieve your desired look.

Small bathroom spaces are notoriously challenging to remodel. Here are three tips that you can use to maximize storage and create the illusion of more space while remodeling your small bathroom.

1. Use Mirrors Strategically

A mirror is a staple in any bathroom. You can utilize mirrors strategically to help make a small bathroom feel much larger than it actually is.

Select a large mirror that extends across the entire wall. These large-frame mirrors help to reflect light throughout the space. The more light, the larger a small bathroom will feel.

If a large-format mirror isn't your cup of tea, you can always place multiple mirrors strategically within your small bathroom. Multiple mirrors can help to bounce light off one another, giving the illusion of grandeur.

Talk to your contractor about incorporating mirrors into your bathroom remodel.

2. Use Light Colors

The color palette that you choose for your remodeled bathroom space can have a direct impact on how spacious the room feels.

Dark colors tend to absorb light, which can make a room feel smaller than it actually is. It's best to stick with light colors when remodeling a small bathroom.

Your light color palette should be incorporated not only into the paint colors you select for your bathroom, but into the fixtures that you install in your bathroom space as well. Stick with a white bathtub, white toilet, and white sink when remodeling a small bathroom.

3. Add Built-In Storage

Storage space can be hard to come by in a small bathroom. Smaller bathrooms don't provide enough space to bring in storage cupboards or extra cabinets.

This doesn't mean that you can't create more storage when remodeling your small bathroom. Add built-in storage to your bathroom design.

Work with your contractor to find an area between the wall studs in your bathroom. Recessed shelving and cupboards can be built within these areas to create storage space without taking up any additional floor space in your small bathroom.

A bathroom remodel can be a great way to transform your small bathroom into a functional and comfortable space. Work closely with your contractor to discover more ways you can create the illusion of space within your remodeled bathroom. For more information, contact a bathroom remodeling contractor near you.