5 Ways To Add Just A Pop Of Color To Neutral Bathrooms

Posted on: 7 March 2023

Neutral colors are a popular choice for many modern bathrooms. They work with any decor, keep things modern and fresh, and add a spa feeling. But too little color can make a neutral bathroom look and feel boring. How can you add a pop of color without ruining your neutral aesthetic? Here are a few great ideas to catch the eye without going overboard with color.

1. Dark Wood 

Wood comes in a wide range of colors, so there's always something for everyone. Darker shades qualify as both a pop of color as well as a largely neutral shade that works with many decorative schemes. Consider dark woods like walnut, mahogany, and cherry as accent items in mirror frames and shelving. 

2. Metallic Features

Like wood, metallic elements are both colorful and fairly neutral in their ability to coordinate with many things. Many bathrooms feature chrome and silver, so you can make yours stand out by opting for gold metals when installing fixtures or light elements. Or try bronze and copper for a chic, bold, industrial finish. 

3. Colorful Hardware

Add color with subtlety by making hardware the pop of vibrance. Painted knobs on the vanity, storage cabinetry, or doors add fun and visual interest. Today's homeowners can even find colorful faucets in shades of blue, red, green, or yellow. Use this as an opportunity to express your style even in a simple or neutral room. 

4. Hanging Artwork

Who says the bathroom can't be a place to hang up great art? Add a statement piece to the wall or a shelf to give the entire room a more interesting focal point. A fantastic artistic element is a conversation starter and is easy to switch out to change the decor whenever you want. Bring out your artsy side by rotating several of your favorite artworks in this surprising location. 

5. Greenery

Finally, can you just add plants to your bathroom to liven up a neutral space? This easy and cost-effective decorative element makes the room look and feel warmer and more soothing. Plants are easily customized to your personal or decorative taste, and they often thrive in the humid environment of the bathroom. 

Where to Start

Ready to bring that one extra pop of bold color to your home's bathrooms? Start by meeting with a bathroom remodeling contractor in your area today. With their help, you'll find the perfect color solution in these or your own simple tricks.