4 Solutions Your Roofing Contractor Can Offer To Prevent Freeze Damage

Posted on: 17 April 2023

Whenever winter comes, it's important to take proactive steps to prevent freeze damage on your roof. Your roofing contractor can offer several solutions to reduce the risk of such damage. They can also help you diagnose any potential damage and make the appropriate repairs. Here are four solutions your roofing contractor can offer to prevent freeze damage: 

Upgrade to a Heavier Shingle

If your roof is covered with lightweight asphalt shingles, it's worth considering upgrading to a heavier or thicker shingle. It can help protect your roof from the extreme temperatures of winter weather. A professional can assess the severity of your winter season and help you choose the ideal shingle materials.

Install Proper Insulation

Proper insulation is essential to preventing ice damming and other freeze damage. To prevent freeze damage, your roofing contractor can ensure your attic is well-insulated and correctly ventilated. They can also install additional insulation, such as spray foam insulation, to your vents, eaves, and walls to further protect against extreme temperatures.

Add Heat and Ice Shields

Heat and ice shields are specialized sheets of aluminum or asphalt that can be added to your roof to reduce heat transfer. The shields can help reduce the potential for ice damming by reflecting the heat from your home into the atmosphere. A professional can combine the shields with ventilation and insulation to create an effective barrier against freeze damage. They will assess the potential risk of damage and determine whether you need the ice shields alone or a combination of other solutions to protect your roofing system. 

Apply Protective Coating

A protective coating—made from asphalt, latex, and rubber—can be applied to your existing roof. The coating acts as a barrier to the roof to prevent heat loss and freeze damage. It can also prolong the life span of your roof by sealing small cracks and crevices that could lead to bigger problems in the future. A professional can help you choose the right coating for your climate and ensure it is applied correctly and professionally.

Protecting your roof from freeze damage doesn't have to be a difficult task. A professional roofing contractor can offer several solutions to prevent freeze damage. From installing proper insulation to applying a protective coating, they can help you protect your roof and keep it in top condition throughout the winter

Contact a roofing contractor in your area to learn more about preventing freeze damage.