What Kind Of Hinges Should You Choose For Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Posted on: 3 May 2023

When you have new cabinets installed in your kitchen, you get to choose the type of doors used, the color of the cabinets, and what type of handles you want. While these may be the foremost factors you focus on, you will also want to think about your cabinet hinges.

Here are four of the most common types of hinges used on kitchen cabinets

Semi-Concealed Hinges

Semi-concealed hinges are those that are essentially hidden on the inside of the cabinet. They are used with face-frame cabinet doors. When you look at the side of a cabinet, you just see the door butting up against the cabinet box; you don't see any hinges. Semi-concealed hinges are a good choice if you like a clean, minimalist look. You really don't need to worry about what they look like since you only see a small part of them when the cabinet doors are open. Focus on choosing ones that are strong and durable.

Full Overlay Hinges

Full overlay hinges are basically the exact opposite of semi-concealed hinges. They are mounted on the outside of the cabinet doors and are very prominent. These hinges tend to have a lot of detail, giving them a really traditional look. They often look good paired with natural wood cabinet doors. You'll want to choose the ones that match your door handles. In fact, some companies sell full overlay hinges and cabinet handles as a package.

Partial Overlay Hinges

Partial overlay hinges are similar to full overlay hinges. But they are designed to allow for a gap between cabinet doors that are next to one another. Since you see these hinges, you want to pay close attention to their style. Most are more traditional, but you can find some sleek, modern-looking partial overlay hinges that look nice with painted wood cabinet doors. 

Inset Hinges

Inset hinges are completely hidden between the cabinet frame and door. You don't see them at all. This style of hinge makes for a very simple, European look. Often, these hinges are touch-to-close hinges, so you do not need a handle on your cabinet door with inset hinges. You push on the door and it pops open. Push it closed gently, and it will close the rest of the way on its own.

If you have an idea of which type of hinges you want on your cabinet, let your cabinet maker know. They can recommend a specific brand and model based on your design preferences.